JunkCtrl: Are you tired of dealing with junk appx-packages and clutter on your Windows 11 system? Whether you're struggling with bloatware or unnecessary apps JunkCtrl is here to save the day. JunkCtrl is your personal cleaning assistant, combining the functionalities of a smart decluttering tool, all in one convenient package. With its advanced signature- and plugins based detection technology, JunkCtrl can automatically identify and remove various forms of digital debris that accumulate over time.

JunkCtrl serves as the successor to the renowned Bloatbox app for Windows 10, inheriting its expertise while embracing new features and improvements. It offers a sleek and intuitive user interface. It has been emulated to resemble the most famous bot (ChatGPT) currently available.

You can download JunkCtrl directly from the GitHub releases page

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Introducing the new decluttering bot for Windows 11 Belim