Let's welcome, alongside the Cocreator and Cowriter feature, the sibling of the Copilot - the Winpilot. Under this name, the legacy of Bloatnosy continues.

It's going to be a hard reset, but more powerful than ever. I will say goodbye to the name Bloatynosy and want to ensure a smooth transition. We all know Microsoft's Copilot and its numerous siblings, with the integration of Cowriters into Notepad or Cocreator into the Paint app. Therefore, I thought of donating a new Winpilot to the family in the future, which will serve and control numerous aspects of Windows (even offline). The app will receive numerous new Windows management functions similar to Microsoft's Copilot. Winpilots strength lies in its speed and its independence from permanent internet connectivity. Microsoft Copilot relies on continuous internet connectivity for operation, unlike Winpilot which doesn't require a permanent internet connection. This means that without internet, Copilot won't function, as it processes inputs through Microsoft servers, leading to delays in response time upon query submission or voice interaction.

The Bloatynosy Classic repo will remain available to us. Winpilot will pick up where Bloatynosy/AI left off. Accordingly, with the same WebView2 core but with improved memory management.

Fans of fast and hard debloating can still access Bloatynosy Classic. For everyone else who wants to make it safer and smarter, Winpilot will be available. The actual privacy check and bloatware removal will naturally remain a focus in Winpilot as well. It will even be highlighted as before. Just like the possibilities to detect, contain, and disable AI/Copilot functions.

I started the name change from Bloatynosy just last year, but I didn't manage to complete it as I was swayed in another vote. It has almost become a personal problem for me now, as many friends and acquaintances of mine in their companies don't want to use the app because of its name. The choice back then was certainly not the best, but it has remained in memory. Bloatynosy still managed to reach nearly 15 million downloads.

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